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Project Broadcast

Business Messaging with a Personal Touch

We understand the importance of making personal connections and having real relationships. Project Broadcast allows you to reach more people in your network using SMS, MMS, and Voicemail Drops while maintaining that personal connection you know is important.

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With Project Broadcast you can change your plan at any time.


3¢ / credit

500 credits
w/ Rollover
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2.5¢ / credit

1,000 credits
w/ Rollover
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2.5¢ / credit

2,000 credits
w/ Rollover
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2.5¢ / credit

3,000 credits
w/ Rollover
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2¢ / credit

5,000 credits
w/ Rollover
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** Each outgoing message (SMS or MMS) is 1 credit. A message to 10 contacts would be 10 credits. Incoming messages are free. Voicemail drops are 2 credits. A voicemail drop to 10 contacts would be 20 credits. Voicemail drops are not included in Unlimited Chat.

Included In ALL Plans

Local Number

Get a local telephone number with your Project Broadcast account. Your contacts will receive messages from your local number.

No Contracts

Project Broadcast is a month to month service. Cancel at any time.

Unlimited Chat

Chat back and forth one on one via your Project Broadcast chat tab with your contacts without the worry of using credits.

Outbound Calling

Use your Project Broadcast number to make outbound calls to your contacts.


Send text messages with up to 1024 characters including emoji and image support. SMS and MMS messages are just 1 credit.

Free Incoming Messages

Rest assured when receiving messages because all incoming SMS and MMS messages are unlimited and free!

Auto MMS

With Auto MMS your contacts will never receive a message that is broken up into multiple parts and delivered out of order. Auto MMS keeps your SMS messages intact by sending as an MMS when your message is longer than 160 characters or 80 with an emoji.

Mobile and Web Version

Leverage our full featured mobile app available on both iOS and Android or by accessing our web version on your desktop.

Voicemail Drops

Send recorded messages straight to your contact's voicemail for higher engagement and a multi-faceted approach. Voicemail drops are only 2 credits.

Rollover Credits

Credits renew each month. Didn't use all your credits last month? No problem. Unused credits rollover.

Unlimited Contacts

Create unlimited contacts manually or by using our smart CSV importer. Five or five thousand. No Limits!


Lead gone cold? Archive them to remove them from your view and hide their chat.

Smart Contact Importer

Use your own CSV file to bulk import your contacts using our flexible smart contact importer.

Unlimited Keywords

Create unlimited keywords to auto-reply with messages, put contacts into campaigns, and tag them easily.

Built In Stop/Start

Built in support for handling stop/start incoming messages from contacts. Contacts are marked as Do Not Message automatically on an incoming stop message.


Create unlimited campaigns. We support Drip, Time Lapse, Calendar, Anniversary, Repeating and Birthday campaign types. Fast Forward campaigns for easy testing.


Store commonly used text messages, images, and voicemails in an unlimited number of templates for easy access in the future.

Scheduled Broadcasts

Easily schedule a message to as many contacts as you like on a specific date and time.

Message Insights

Use our industry leading message insights feature to understand your messages deliverabilty rating.

Unsent Messages

Understand carrier message failure reasons via the unsent messages.

Dynamic Fields

Make your messages personal with the inclusion of dynamic fields such as first name.


Leverage our mobile app or web application to send your messages to your contacts. Working late? Schedule a single chat to be deliverd later.

Internal Chat

Communicate with other Project Broacast users without spending credits.


Keep contacts organized using an unlimited number of tags. Tag contacts manually, when using keywords, or when importing.

Call Forwarding

Share your Project Broadcast number as your business number and have incoming calls forwarded to your real phone.

Trackable Links

Understand engagement with your contacts via an unlimited number of trackable links.

Responsive Landing Pages

Build an unlimited number of responsive landing pages from templates or from scratch and see who visited them.

File Attachments

Send an unlimited number of files to your contacts for download and see who downloaded them.

Configurable Forms

Create an unlimited number of custom forms to have your contacts fill out.


Share attachments, campaigns, keywords, landing pages, and templates with other users via our bundles feature.


Run contests and pick winners at random using an unlimited number of contests.

Custom Fields

Store info that is important to you for your contacts. Each contact has 10 custom fields.

Broadcast Hours

Don't want to have messages send out on your day off? Leverage broadcast hours to manage when Project Broadcast will send on your behalf.


Understand your usage with numerous stats available for your account.

Auto Recharge

Never run out of credits by enabling Auto Recharge to add 500 credits to your account when it is low.

Assistant Access

Setup an assistant password to allow access to your account to your assistant.

Account Manager Support

Need to manage multiple accounts? Use our account manager feature!

Referral Program

Share your referral link/code with others so when they signup both of you get bonus credits!


Purchase credit bundles for other Project Broadcast users.


Leverage our developer API to enhance your existing application. Contact for more details.


Want to earn while you learn? With our Project Broadcast Web School you can go from noob to ninja in no time! Access our self paced training courses to learn the ins and outs of Project Broadcast. We even have a Quick Start course to help you get up and running in under 30 minutes! We also have additional training videos in the app.


We take support seriously. We offer email support at with typically a same day turnaround. We also offer a variety of social media groups to allow users to help each other in our community, the most popular being our Project Broadcast Facebook Group. Also, when necessary, we are always happy to hop on a call.

Have a current business texting provider?

No worries! We can port your existing business texting number from your current provider to Project Broadcast! Sign up for your Project Broadcast account and select a "temp" number. Once you have your account created, shoot us a message via Support with your name, Project Broadcast number, current provider number, and your address and we can start your port process.