5 Tips to Make Your Next Vendor Event a Breeze

Are vendor events a big part of meeting new people in your business? We’re talking anything from a local farmer’s market to a gigantic bridal show! Anywhere you set up a table and hope to collect names and numbers applies here. If you’re pretty familiar with the concept, you know that collecting information can be clunky, overwhelming, and exhausting. Not anymore! Project Broadcast is about to automate vendor events for you! Keep reading for my 5 tips to make your next vendor event a breeze.

1. Make Life Easy for Future You

You know the drill. You set up your table and lay out a clipboard and some pens hoping that folks will give you their name and number so you can reach out to them later. We see two common struggles with this system. First, it’s super hard to read that chicken scratch sometimes, isn’t it? You can lose quite a few leads simply by not being able to read the number they’ve written. And second, you’re exhausted after standing up and chatting with visitors at your table all day. The last thing you want to do is manually input a bunch of names and numbers. I don’t know about you, but it was always procrastination station for me and sometimes weeks would go by before I’d enter numbers and do follow up. So, let’s make life a little easier on future you, shall we? Let Project Broadcast’s keywords and configurable forms collect names and numbers (and any other info you’d like!) automatically so you don’t need to lift a finger once you get home from your event!

2. Be Present and Build Relationships

The number one thing we want to do at events is chat and build relationships, right? It’s hard to be present when you’re trying to find a pen for one person, educate another, and hand your clipboard to a third. Picture this: A visitor stops by your booth and sends your Project Broadcast number a keyword. They get a reply back automatically that asks them to answer a few questions about themselves. This is all happening while you’re having a conversation with another visitor. Stay fully present while Project Broadcast does the heavy lifting for you!

3. Remove Friction for Visitors

Ready to take this a step further? What if you could completely remove any friction that may potentially stop a visitor from sending you a text? It may seem silly, but for some people, opening up their text messages, typing in your Project Broadcast number, and your keyword is just too many steps. We have a fix for you! You can have a framed QR code at your table. When scanned, the QR code opens up a visitor’s text messages with your Project Broadcast number and keyword filled in. They press send. That’s all it takes for the automation to begin! They’d get your keyword reply message right away! Am I blowing your mind yet?

4. Make It an Easy Yes for Visitors

You have this amazing system set up, but how will you get people to use it? We love a good giveaway as an incentive for people to send you a text! What goodies do you have to offer? Samples? Consultations? Services? Discounts? One on one time with you? Get creative! What can you offer that visitors will just have to say yes to?

5. Let Project Broadcast Choose a Winner

Once you’ve decided on your giveaway, shared it at your event, and have automated the collection of hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of names and numbers (we can dream, can’t we?), it’s time to pick a giveaway winner! Guess what! Project Broadcast can do that for you too! You’ll want to use our quick and easy contests feature to choose a giveaway winner!

You’re going to be amazed at all the ways you can make your future vendor events a breeze by automating with Project Broadcast! Want to check out my step by step guide to vendor event automation setup? Text VENDOR to me at (254) 545-9626 and I’ll get it sent right away!

If you have questions, be sure to shoot me a text at (254) 545-9626. Happy Broadcasting!

With a background in curriculum development and education, I’m here to help make sure you’re comfortable exploring and using your Project Broadcast account as well as always encouraging you to brainstorm and implement fresh ideas in your business communication. I’m all about empowering you to use Project Broadcast as a tool to increase your impact and consistency.

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