The Ultimate Black Friday Prep Guide

So many people start their Project Broadcast journey the week of Black Friday. There is no introduction, not relationship building, no connection, just a sale message. Then they wonder why no on is taking advantage of their sale.. Let me show you how to prepare for Black Friday now, by building relationships versus just broadcasting sales.

Goodness…what month are we in? Why am I talking about preparing for Black Friday in May? Instead of blasting out a sale promo on Black Friday and it being the first time you’ve connected with a client in months, let’s start engaging now. It’s Johanna again, your friendly Project Broadcast Success team member.  No hot dishes today, just straight facts.

When you make a personal connection, people are much more likely to follow through with a purchase.

Summer months are usually considered dead space for a lot of marketers. Your customers’ families are busy on vacation, priorities for finances focus more on trips and souvenirs, and people are harder to reach. But are they?  Yes, I agree it’s harder to get people to attend zoom classes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to invite you to share in the joy of their pina colada on the beach through social media pictures. Yes, I agree people are on vacation, but that just means they are more active on their smartphones around 10am and in the evenings after the day’s fun is complete. I also agree that financial priorities change, but sales isn’t part of your main goal this summer.

On the Go doesn’t mean out of touch

Let’s get into the nitty gritty. Content. I can talk all day, but if I can’t give you examples, then we are just noodling. I wouldn’t recommend creating content that requires your customer to stick to a lot of deadlines. Being a busy time of year, you don’t want to force someone to choose you and your event over their family time.

Before we go any further, we aren’t just talking about your customers. You can apply this to your team members too!

People are more likely to engage with texts that seem like they are personal and not just a sales pitch or work related.  Your content over the summer can focus on fun, education, value, and even prizes.  Maybe you send out a tip every 7-10 days with “Did you know that….” value or maybe a this or that question. My favorite was my Popeyes Chicken Sandwich versus the Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich. People are really divided over this. You can organize a monthly remote team building activity. I googled them. It’s adorable. Who wouldn’t want to do Virtual Team Olympics or Team Pizza Making?

Last, but not least. Do not use this summer campaign to just blast people with info.  So many people want to treat Project Broadcast like an email. They want to create this huge message or group of messages with as much information as they can get and fire it out.  Lots of it. But you have plenty of time to educate them. This is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Summer Focus: Connect and Engage

Would you like some specific examples of Team and Customer engagement? Check out the webinar: Building Engagement This Summer

Johanna Bates, a Project Broadcast (PB) Customer Success Specialist, helps people engage and build relationships with their customers and team members. Prior to working at Project Broadcast, Johanna was a Virtual Assistant for four years, bringing strategy and feature training to all her clients. Her hobbies include spending time with her husband, Kris, their two little girls, and their super fluffy Saint Bernard, Magnus. You can reach her by text at (254) 545-9626.

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