Dancing through Life with Project Broadcast

Dancing?!? Who Dances? Why am I talking about dancing when it comes to Project Broadcast? Hi, it’s Austin with the growth team, and I am also a professional West Coast Swing Dancer! Let’s talk about how I used Project Broadcast to build my personal service business, and how you can do the same!

When I first started dancing and teaching, I had to manually keep a notebook just for my students. I had to write reminders for following up, I had to keep all my lesson prep, all my lesson blocks, and all my scheduled events in one BIG BINDER. Then Brian the CTO of Project Broadcast came along. Don’t let the big title fool you, he is a dancer as well even if he doesn’t admit it as often. He tells me about this application that can help save me from having to lug my binder around. Enter Project Broadcast and the time it can save, as well as the space!

I want to ensure that you can do this with any service business! So, this is how I built my service scheduling and follow up from the ground up! First, I went ahead and set up an account with Calendly as well as Project Broadcast! The great thing about Project Broadcast was it took some time to set up but once it’s set up, you are ready to roll. In Calendly, I created a traveling schedule with all of my availability so my students could book it themselves. From here, I decided to leverage the keyword tool within Project Broadcast!

Why schedule things manually when you can create a keyword “Schedule”.

Why schedule things manually when you can create a keyword “Schedule”. When I was at home, I would have my students text me the word “Schedule”. This would send them a link to my schedule while at home so they could book lessons with me! When I would travel, I would have them text the word “Schedule” which would send my schedule while traveling. Now, here is the great part: we can take it one step further with the Calendar Campaign feature within Project Broadcast!

I normally knew 6 months in advance what events I would be attending, so I created a Calendar campaign messaging my entire student body the Thursday before the event. It would be something as simple as “Hey I am going to be at Swing Fling this weekend! Am I going to see you there?!? If you want to grab a lesson, text back the word “Schedule”, if not, no worries, let’s grab a dance and catch up!”. BOOM!!!! Instant time saver, and my lesson count at events went from 1 to 10 overnight. I learned most people appreciate and want the help, they just didn’t know I had the time.

Now here is the final touch that puts it over the top with Project Broadcast….Custom Fields! Anytime I worked with anyone I would write down what we focused on in our lesson in the Custom 1 field. That way when I sent a follow up in the future, I could use the custom field to personalize it, which if you have ever worked on anything with someone, it means the world that they put forth the effort to remember what we worked on last! This made it that much easier to retain my students as well as know what to work on next! Needless to say, I was excited to get rid of my BIG binder and upgrade with Project Broadcast!

If you ever need help setting something like this up, I am here to help! Text the word “Blog” To (817) 725-8402. See you on the dance floor!