What is SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the fancy way of saying Text Marketing. You know…the text you get from your dentist letting you know you have an upcoming appointment. Or maybe the coupon for ½ off your fav appetizer, Fried Pickles. That appetizer is our CEO/Co-Founder, Jake Dempsey’s, favorite by the way. This blogger has not eaten them before. I’m a cheese-curd kind of gal.

Short message service (SMS) marketing is a form of marketing that businesses use to send promotions to customers via text messages.

So what makes Project Broadcast different from those two examples? In a nutshell…Y-O-U. That’s right, you’re looking at them. But why does that make a difference? Put it this way, if Jake texted that restaurant back and said he was super excited about his twice a month Fried Pickle Date and wanted to know which salad or soup went best with it, he wouldn’t get a response. None. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Why? Because it’s a bot.. If it was Project Broadcast, it would be you on the other end, saying “The only complimentary appetizer to Fried Pickles is MORE FRIED PICKLES!”


And then you two could joke back and forth, maybe discuss your favorite Fried Pickle dips or what drink goes best with them. Now, because you and Jake chatted, Jake decides to come in twice a week for the next month, instead of his twice a month. He wants to try the sauces based on your recommendations. Boom! Someone who started out as a customer becomes a part of your community.

Text has a 98% open rate.

The example above is why SMS Marketing is HUGE right now. Text marketing has a 98% open rate versus email, which is around 20%. Look at your email app and the notifications on it, and then your text app. Which notification is the lowest? Your text! Why? Because the people texting you add value to your life. Project Broadcast can make SMS marketing work that way for you too, and at scale.

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