Double Opt In

Let’s talk about texting and consent!  When sending text messages about your business, you are sending “commercial” messages and those messages follow a different set of rules than the text messages you might be sending via your own personal cell phone.  It is important to understand that consent is required when texting using Project Broadcast, or any platform for that matter.

Consent can be obtained many ways.  Project Broadcast does not dictate the manner in which you obtain consent but it is your responsibility to ensure you have it!  You may collect consent from your website during checkout or obtain it via a web form on your website or maybe even a paper form at your local vendor event or conference.  There are so many ways you may obtain consent from your recipient that we don’t want to create additional friction by forcing you to have consent captured “in platform” to send your messages.  The important thing to know is that you should always have consent from the person you are texting and you should have a record of that consent.

Some users want to make sure that their texting platform provides a robust mechanism for obtaining and ultimately storing consent for their contacts on their behalf.  Project Broadcast is rolling out our newest feature, “Double Opt In”, to provide this highest level of consent for our users.

With this feature enabled, Project Broadcast will not send a message to a contact who has not gone through our new Double Opt In process!  This prevents you from sending messages to contacts which have not provided explicit permission for you to text them.  When consent is provided, Project Broadcast will store the consent on the contact so you don’t have to worry about it! 

This feature may not be for you and that’s why it is a completely optional feature that you can enable if you need this highest level of protection.  You can enable this feature from your more tab (three stacked lines) in the Project Broadcast web version.  Enabling via the mobile version will be in a later release :).

Check out our additional training on this great new feature.


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