Lift Off: The future is coming!

The landscape of your business is always evolving. Your business requires innovative ways to continue your growth while also helping to create more efficiency in your day. Project Broadcast is committed to innovating for our customers and, as we approach our 5yr anniversary, we have never been more dedicated to our mission of accelerating and scaling the success of the small entrepreneur.

As a company, Project Broadcast finds itself in a unique position.  We are blessed to have helped 50k+ small business owners grow their business through text marketing, landing pages, forms, links, etc that make up the Project Broadcast platform.  However, being the leader means you must lead.  Yes, Project Broadcast is the most affordable and robust business texting platform available today.  It provides professionals in the network marketing and direct sales space the tools they need to be a more effective business owner… but it is not enough.

We have never been more dedicated to our mission of accelerating and scaling the success of the small entrepreneur.

How can we say that what we’ve built and supported the past 5yrs isn’t enough?  Easy, because it’s what leaders do!  As we support network marketing and direct sales professionals across 50+ identifiable networks, we are always observing.  Our passionate group of Project Broadcast team members are always eager to have conversations with real folks in the field to understand their pain points and look for ways for us to drive additional value to them.  Those observations create a clear vision for where Project Broadcast must go.

What I can tell you… is that The Future is Coming… and it is coming fast!

The loudest concern we hear in the market is the ability for a team to have an effective way to collaborate without a middle man (thanks Zuck) deciding whether or not content is suitable for someone to see from people they want to see it from!  As social media matures and continues to fragment, we are learning more and more everyday that WE are not the customer.  We are the product! 

Project Broadcast will soon be launching two new concepts to the market.  Project Broadcast Social and Spaces!  Let’s dive into what they are and why they will help launch your business to the stratosphere!


The countdown to liftoff has started!  Spaces will become an entirely new area of functionality which will receive a massive amount of our resources over the coming months.  Spaces will allow you to collaborate with other Project Broadcast users in a single place without that middle man deciding what content should be seen.  Imagine having a space created for your “90 day hustle” where you can have real collaboration with all the folks on your team participating in your hustle.  Imagine having media, documents, and a full blown q&a area where you can create contextual collaboration.  You want a space with just your top leaders for you to collaborate on growth?  Easy.  How about a space for everyone on your team attending your annual conference where again you have specific content, messages, q&a, etc just for those folks.  Not a problem.  What if you wanted to have a space that’s for your super secret business initiative?  Yup, again not a problem.  You’ll be able to create as many spaces as you like.  Your spaces are only limited by your imagination!

Learn how to use Project Broadcast’s Spaces

Spaces will allow you to collaborate with other Project Broadcast users in a single place without that middle man deciding what content should be seen.

Project Broadcast Social

I know what you may be thinking.  Jake, that is literally incredible… but all of my team members aren’t on Project Broadcast.  How can this help me if they aren’t even on Project Broadcast to be in my spaces!  Don’t worry.. We got you!

With our rollout of Spaces, we will be launching a free plan.  Yes, that’s correct.  A FREE plan.  Project Broadcast Social will allow any person to install Project Broadcast and create an account on the free social plan. The Social plan will provide the ability for a user to collaborate with other Project Broadcast users.  The Social plan user will have use of all the features you have come to love such as keywords, campaigns, scheduled messages, landing pages, etc.  So, how is it free?  The Social plan will not come with a Project Broadcast number and will not allow the user to send text messages. However, it will allow them to send messages to any other Project Broadcast user.  This means they could use keywords, campaigns, etc and get a taste of the Project Broadcast platform on a smaller scale.  When the need arises in their business for our paid features such as texting, inbound and outbound calling, etc they can always upgrade to a paid plan to get a Project Broadcast number. 

We will be launching a free plan. Yes, that’s correct. A FREE plan.

Our vision is large and it will take time to fully execute our current goals for Spaces.  Because we are big fans of iterative value, we will be launching Spaces to just include group chat to start.  This will allow you to begin leveraging spaces with team collaboration chat knowing that very quickly we will be evolving the featureset. I hope you’re strapped in b/c we are about to go to warp speed!

PS: In addition to Spaces and the Social Plan… we have some incredible work being done that we’ll begin to share in the coming weeks.  With 5yrs of features and many more on the way, it’s time for Project Broadcast to get a fresh set of clothes.  Every time I get a chance to see the new look I get anxious, excited, and impatient to launch it.  It is gorgeous and I promise you’ll be proud!

I’m more excited about the future of Project Broadcast and its impact on your business than I’ve been since October 2017 when we first unleashed PB on the world!


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