How Chelsea Denbow went viral

Hey hey hey! It’s Johanna, again. I know, you’ve been anxiously awaiting my next blog. Today is not about me though! Most of you know that I get to work 1:1 with anybody that wants to brainstorm or needs help with training in Project Broadcast. In the last couple months I got a chance to talk to Chelsea Denbow. Chelsea-The Sister Lifter is a Mompreneur and Stylist with Ruby Ribbon who recently went viral on multiple social media platforms with her company’s flagship product-the braless cami! I sent her a whole list of questions because I think she has a lot of value to provide us and she graciously accepted my request!

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? Next?

There has never been any substitute for hard work and that is definitely my story. My business started out of a desire to enjoy an incredible product and blossomed into a desire to help other women feel the comfort and confidence I’ve experienced. I spent my first year in business learning and growing in the “basics” of what I do-consistently wearing and sharing the product, holding Facebook parties, building relationships with my clients, etc. In my second year, I have expanded my knowledge and skills into a more public avenue-Facebook Reels, Tik Toks, in person vendor events, etc. Project broadcast has been instrumental in making my processes, follow up, and sales techniques possible. I have always covered my business in prayer and believe God has directed my steps and put the right people in my path to teach me what I need to grow.

All of the success in the world means nothing if you aren’t affecting the lives of others in a positive way. Keep your mind fixed on serving and helping people, and the success is inevitable.

How long were you running the business before you started seeing a profit? How did you live through those first few months/years?

I had quick success in the beginning, by my second full month, my calendar was filled with successful parties, but that success dwindled to about half for a little while as I learned and grew as a Direct Seller and business owner. Over the last year, I’ve built back up to that early success, have added 16 members to my team, promoted in my company twice, and earned special incentives and invitations to exclusive leadership company events. I have a consistent part time income and have begun to earn on the team I am building. I am working hard to achieve even higher ranks in my company and looking forward to the day that I am earning “lifestyle income.”

Believe that you have what it takes, find out what “it takes” by following the example of successful leaders in your industry, and focus on consistent income producing activities and duplicatable systems.

If you could work side by side with your favorite entrepreneur for 72 hours who would it be and why?

Leslie Zann! She is an incredible woman who has overcome her own fears to become a success! She is a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and motivation. The time I have spent with her online has elevated my business long beyond my time with her and her voice has become a guiding force in my mind.

How did Project Broadcast help your business?

My business is not even possible without the automation of PB. I use it daily to connect with my customers, provide them with excellent service, promote sales, generate new team members, and so much more. It has also been a blessing on a personal level as it has given my clients an avenue to build connection and in many cases, friendship with me.

Tell me about a recent Project Broadcast win…

In the month of June, I began to focus more on short form video platforms (Facebook Reels, TikTok, etc.) and needed to quickly create systems for the flood of customers that resulted from 2 videos that went viral in a matter of hours. There were too many people to follow up with individually and PB enabled me to connect via campaigns that provide my new customers with everything they need to get started with sizing, shopping, hosting, and joining.

What is your favorite Project Broadcast Campaign?

My new order follow up campaign. I am able to follow up with my customers from the time they place their order and over the course of 2 years! That’s what I call mailbox money! Passive work that creates income and repeat orders. 

What is your favorite Project Broadcast Feature?

The schedule button in chat currently is one of my favorites. I am in a season in my business where I am not quite ready to hire a virtual assistant, but I need to accomplish tasks as time allows, so when I’m working late into the night, I am able to schedule those messages to go out at a time that suits the situation.

Want to check out her reel that went Viral?

Want to reach out and chat with Chelsea about her success:

Text “BYE BYE BRA” to 702-996-1722 or visit to learn more.

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