We love seeing our Project Broadcast family experiencing huge wins! What wins have you experienced with Project Broadcast lately? We’d love to feature your story!

It’s been going good. It’s getting conversations going and customers are being more consistent with their products! I’m always thinking of new ways to use Project Broadcast and even helping my upline with it. 😁

– Rachel Biesinger

I have 32 subscribed now and am adding more as i can. I will shift from this and add a more sales and business approach once i have built my audience well here. Thank you for checking in. my broadcast is a consistent one and it is going great! i am getting really great feedback.

– Misty Carter

I am loving Project Broadcast. It has greatly increased my connections with my team and my customers and even potential customers.

– Jennifer Wiegers

My first broadcast went well I did get some responses I know that number will grow once my customers get accustomed to my messages.

– Marlene De Lachica

Going well! Helped me hit a huge rank under my second position in April 🥳.

– Emily Gibson

I am so happy with how many replies I got and some conversations started! I’ve been telling my team about Project Broadcast!

– Nicole Odermatt

I love how I’m getting more responses via text than other methods. My next goal is to create a Host Coaching for my party hosts.

– Michelle Wilson

I joined because I had no bookings on my calendar after 5 years of pretty steady business and so many on my team were using Project Broadcast. I sent out a message to my over 1,000 contacts and got 6 bookings which I was super happy about.

– Nurit Curtiss

I had several clients place orders! And it was so easy!

– Holly Manson