How I use Project Broadcast at Vendor Fairs to give out free samples

When setting up a booth at a vendor fair, I always plan to offer free samples! After all, it is the best way to get people to try my new product without the pressure of the sale. Before a vendor fair, I set up a keyword in my Project Broadcast’s keyword tab. This keyword will trigger an auto-response message and follow-up campaign automatically. This saves me a ton of time. I can even send the customer a survey in that auto-response.

Here’s how the process works. I use a specific keyword, let’s use “sample”, and on my vendor booth I advertise my keyword with  “to request a free sample of (specific product) text “sample” to (my project broadcast number.) When the keyword is texted to my Project Broadcast number, they will receive an auto-response message. Here is my example of the auto-response message I send back:

Hey!! Thanks so much for stopping by my vendor booth! To get your free sample please click the link (configurable form linke) to fill out your name and address so I can get your sample in the mail.
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The link takes them to a Project Broadcast configurable form. This form will have questions that I created in our custom fields section, that will give me the name of who is texting and their address to mail their sample to. I also make sure the keyword is joined to a drip campaign that goes out when the keyword is triggered. The drip campaign is set up to follow up at 2 days, 7 days, and 14 days after they trigger the campaign by texting me the keyword. Here is an example of my drip campaign follow up messages:

Two days after:
Hey (first name)!! I just wanted to give you an update, your free sample is in the mail. I can’t wait for you to try (specific product)!
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Seven days after:
Hey (first name)!! I just wanted to follow up and make sure you received (specific product) in the mail. Have you had a chance to try it yet?
Copy to clipboard
Fourteen days after:
Hey (first name)! How did you like (specific sample)? Did you have any questions?
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Learn more about how Project Broadcast can help with your customer follow up.

Project Broadcast also has a feature that can remove a person automatically from the campaign if they respond back.  This avoids continuous follow up questions when you have already started having a conversation and don’t need to remind them. This feature is called “Remove Contact On Reply” and can be selected when creating the campaign.

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