Our Very Own Johanna Attends the Arbonne Conference

“Over the last couple months, I had the chance to PB chat, zoom, voxer, and facebook so many leaders and members of Arbonne PB users.  When everyone kept talking about Las Vegas, I knew I needed to take the opportunity to crash the party.” Johanna Bates

Johanna Bates is a Customer Success Specialist with us here at Project Broadcast. She is known for her humor and high energy, and offers a great deal of knowledge to the team. She has been building relationships with some of the top Leaders in Arbonne, so she just knew she had to “crash the party” and meet them in person.

A few members of the Project Broadcast team were invited to be guests at the Arbonne conference in July. So off they went, including Jake Dempsey, Project Broadcast’s Co-Founder and CEO, to Las Vegas to see what this conference was all about and meet some of our amazing PB users.

Rose West, Arbonne Executive Regional Vice President
Rose West, Arbonne Executive Regional Vice President, meets the Project Broadcast Team at there Arbonne Conference in July.

When Maria Spillane, Executive National Vice President with Arbonne, saw in the Arbonne Project Broadcast Facebook group that the team was at their conference, she was able to meet up with the PB team to finally meet them in person. She has been using Project Broadcast to grow her business for 7 years now. She said the team was super nice and always helpful. Maria said she attends the conference because there is something powerful about it, and it seems like Johanna realized that too.

What Johanna didn’t expect was the experience of attending the conference. She said it was like a family reunion. “I really feel like the Arbonne community is very energetic and fun. It completely blew my mind how genuinely happy everyone was”, she stated. She feels like attending the conference solidified how genuine and motivated our Arbonne PB users are.

When Dianne Partee, Executive National Vice President with Arbonne, got a message from Johanna that let her know that they could meet up at the conference, Dianne made sure to connect and meet up with her. Dianne said the PB team was so welcoming and she was even able to get a technical issue resolved on the spot. That is how amazing our PB team is!!

The fact that these top leaders were able to attend a conference and know that their business was still being worked with automation from Project Broadcast is amazing. Follow ups to customers and team members were still sending out, and a quick update to the team members that attended conference with them could be sent out at the click of a button.

To wrap it up, the consensus seems to be “attend your company conference”, sign up to use Project Broadcast to work your business when you can’t, and put the PB team in touch with your company home office so we can attend your upcoming conferences and meet up with you all.

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