How Project Broadcast helped simplify this Direct Sellers Business

There is nothing cooler than getting to interview Project Broadcast users who have influenced the direct marketing field. I had a chance recently to chat with Tracy Donald, Seint Artist, who has been in direct sales for 27 years. She started her first direct sales company while working around a busy schedule of being a young mom and a full-time college student. After those 15 years, she needed to find something new. Tracy joined a new company selling jewelry in 2011. She believed it was an amazing product, where people were building a solid business and making dream incomes. Then in 2014, the company announced they were closing their doors. The loss of this business was a very dark time in her life. In 2020 she found SEINT, and hasn’t missed a step.

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? Next? In the winter of 2020, I was introduced to Seint. I was a non-makeup enthusiast when I found Seint. I didn’t wear makeup because I had no clue how or what to do. So needless to say,  I was very intrigued by the idea of one palette and makeup in under 10 minutes. So off I went. Something very magical happened. I started to feel beautiful. I started to see how incredible it was to help women feel their very best using a product that helped them fall in love with themselves again. So here I am, I found that business that reignited the flame. In 2.5 years, our team has grown to over 300 women. We are helping women figure out how to wear makeup and love themselves. Do you need makeup to be beautiful? No, you don’t. But it certainly helps you step into the world with an unwavering confidence because a confident woman is unstoppable! I am so grateful every single day that I found this company. I am 45 years old and I joke often that I am going to be selling Seint until I’m 90!

Don’t let anyone tell you who you should or can be. Be who YOU want to be!! Then put your head down and do the work to build what you want. Successful people are not lucky…they are consistent and driven. The harder they work, the “luckier” they get!

How did Project Broadcast help your business?

Project Broadcast has helped my business significantly since I started using it. Early May I was hacked on Facebook, and my account was disabled. I never did find out why, but I lost everything. Up until then Facebook was my main mode of communication with my customers and team.  I now know how silly that was. I did send customer emails monthly but never really had a lot of response.

I sent my first project broadcast message on May 24th and the response was amazing. I had over 100 conversations happening with my customers within hours.

Right then I knew the impact having this service would have and I have not looked back!   What I love the most is that the messages go to the app. Why I love this the most is because this past year I have been on a mission to create balance in my life.  I am driven to be successful in my business but not at the cost of my inner peace and family. Now I can open the app when I have space and time to reply to people and it has really helped me create the boundary and allow myself to unplug which I think is SO important today!!

Tell me about a recent Project Broadcast win…

My recent Project Broadcast win is getting a follow up system for customer service set up with the help of Mrs. Johanna Bates that I know is going to make all of the difference in the world for making sure I am keeping on top of customer care! I also just recently started communicating with my team using Project Broadcast and it 100% is going to make all of the difference in the world.

What is your favorite Project Broadcast Feature?

I am still fairly new to Project Broadcast, and I am certain that I don’t know of all of the amazing features yet but I will share the two things I love the most. #1 is the support. There are a lot of apps, programs, and systems out there to sign up for but none with the support (that I am aware of) that Project Broadcast offers. I know there is an entire support team, but I have worked closely with Johanna Bates.  Johanna has been so responsive and helpful and she and the team really make it a no brainer to come on board and learn. If you need help along the way they are here to make it as seamless as possible. The second thing I love is the fact that once you create campaigns you can share the templates (with your team).  Creation and technology are for sure things that many people struggle with in Direct Sales. Being able to give a template that they can personalize and add their own flair to makes all the difference in the world. Prior to finding Project Broadcast I used an email system and sadly templates are not an option. 

The second thing I love is the fact that once you create campaigns you can share the templates (with your team).

Thank you Project Broadcast for giving me the opportunity to share my journey.  And Thank you for creating a tool that allows entrepreneurs to effectively communicate with their customers and teams!! It is a game changer for sure.

Want to reach out to Tracy about her success? Reach out via: Facebook, Instagram, or Email

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