The Top Three Reasons People Unsubscribe from Your Messages (and What You Can Do About It!)

You’ve spent a lot of energy building your text list. Once you get people interested in joining your list, you’ll want to make sure they stay subscribed, right? Keep reading for the top three reasons people unsubscribe plus the super simple solutions for each problem.

Number One Your timing is all wrong

No one wants to receive an early morning or late evening text, so be aware of time zone differences when sending messages. It may be 8am for you on the east coast, but we’re still snoozing on the west coast. Frequency of messaging is another big consideration. Don’t feel obligated to send messages just because you think you should. Plan out your messaging strategy and determine how often it makes sense for your list to hear from you. Is it quarterly, monthly, weekly? Or even better, ask your contacts how often they’d like to receive messages from you. Once they respond, you can segment your list by messaging frequency!

Number Two Too many salesy messages

We’re in the business of building relationships. Relationships drive business growth. If you’re only sending sales information to your list, you’ll likely have a large number of unsubscribes. People burn out quickly on messages centered around the latest deal or messages asking them to buy something. There’s a place for sales messages, but always be thinking about how you can serve your list and add value. What do you need to know about your contacts? What do they need to know about you and the company? What can you share to help them experience wins? Keep your messages conversational. You don’t want to seem robotic! But, more importantly, keep your messages personal. Use your contacts’ first names in your messages and tailor your content to certain groups so you’re sending them what they want to read.

Number Three Your messages are too long

If you’re sending long messages, there’s a good chance people aren’t reading them. They’re either skipping them entirely or they’re skimming and missing important information. Neither of these scenarios are ideal since we want people reading what we’re sending. If your messages are too long, you’re probably trying to include too much information for contacts to digest. What can you do about it? Keep it short and sweet! You’ll want to pin down the purpose of your message. What behavior would you like to see as a result of the message? Nudge them toward taking that action. The perfect formula for an informational message is a sentence or two teasing the information or building intrigue + a link to a resource (like a webpage, article, podcast, or video) + a question about the resource to start the conversation. Do I always follow this formula? Nope! But it’s a great guide when I’m planning messages.

Pro Tip The upside of an unsubscribe

An unsubscribe isn’t all bad. When someone unsubscribes from your list, they’re providing you with valuable information. You have a chance to evaluate if your current messaging strategy is aligned with your business mission and goals and if you’re truly offering engaging content. An unsubscribe also weeds out contacts who aren’t ideal. You don’t need to wonder where you stand with people or if you’ve been blocked or ghosted. When your unsubscribes are off your list, you’re left with a list of interested people. That’s a huge win! Plus, I love that unsubscribes help me spend money on people who want to hear from me! No more wasted messaging credits and a list of engaged, happy contacts feels great!

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