Customer response templates that you can use right now!

If you have a Customer Based Business, you most likely are a busy business owner. Saving time is key, so check out these three templates that you can copy and paste, or import and use in your Project Broadcast account.  Bundle Code at the end 😉

Purchase Follow Up is undeniably one of the most important messages you can send. Touching base with your customers letting them know their product has shipped as well as offering/presenting yourself as a resource to reach out to once they received it, creates a level of trust between you and the customer.

“Hello {{firstName}}! I’m so excited you purchased our product. It should be delivered in about 7 days. You can reply back to this number anytime. This is my work line and I’m available to answer questions and help out. What are you most looking forward to?”

Membership renewals should be treated quickly and efficiently. Sending out a reminder to someone that their subscription is ending or asking them to renew is a valuable tool in maintaining customers.

“Guess what time it is, {{firstName}}?! Your subscription with us is about to end. I can’t thank you enough for your loyalty as a customer. I want to make sure you know, when you continue your membership with us you get (add your own irresistible resource here that they can’t say no to). What product have you not opened yet?”

Cancellations are never nice to see, but how you handle them will be the reason that customers may refer others to you or come back. Ensure you are kind, polite, and efficient in what you say.

“Hi {{firstName}}! I'll add your cancel instructions below, but please let me know if I can help in any other way. If you have any trouble with these directions, just text me back. Do you have time to set up a 1:1 appointment with me to discuss how I can better serve my customers in the future?”

These are only a few templates I recommend. You can easily create all of these as saved messages in your Templates tab in Project Broadcast. Check out our training to learn how. If you don’t have a training account, create a free one using a new username and password. 

*Your Bundle code for the above templates: LfJNgWFBBnD

**Quick video on how to import your bundle.

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