Help Your Team Rock Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

Preparing your team for Cyber Week (US Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Super Sunday, and Cyber Monday) can be a lot of work. I have a couple ways to eliminate leader guilt and  automate your team’s success through Project Broadcast.

…free up your time to focus on your personal Black Friday sales without leader guilt…..

Need an easy button to provide guidance and resources for the big event to your team? Using our Countdown Campaign feature allows you to create content to send to your team based on a specific event date and time. You can use this campaign to send strategic messages to your team, nudging them daily to share, post, engage, and interact with customers over the course of your set time frame. These automated messages will also free up your time to focus on your personal Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales without leader guilt.


The Project Broadcast Bundle feature allows you to put all the content you created from Project Broadcast into one shareable ID code. Then your team can import that content and use it. This could be a customer Black Friday/Cyber Monday countdown campaign, a template with a Black Friday sale opt in, or even an in-depth Cyber Monday educational series on the products. The ability of your team to  duplicate your success at their level removes a lot of friction and stress that can occur during these high sales periods.


Do not let your team members wait until Cyber Week to sign up with Project Broadcast. That doesn’t give them enough time to send out an introduction message or build trust and rapport with their customers before handing them a sale. Joining now will allow them time to send out a weekly tip with education and value, or to at least chat back and forth a couple times. Use your referral code and give your team members 500 additional credits.

Find out more about how to access your referral code.

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