Heartwarming Holiday Text Messages

During the Holiday season you have a HUGE opportunity to send a heartwarming holiday text to your customers, community members, and friends. This is the perfect opportunity to show you appreciate them and are thinking of them even outside of your last transactions. Before we get into some examples of these messages let’s talk a couple key focuses.

Schedule out your Holiday Greeting before your own Holiday.

Why is it so important to schedule ahead of time? Because you need to be present and in the moment during your own Holiday. It also ensures you don’t forget to send something or you send it late *cringe*.

Be personal.

With Project Broadcast, It’s super easy to be genuine and personal. Use our First Name dynamic field to ensure each text is customized to the contact’s name. Add your holiday card graphic or company holiday picture. Schedule the message at a time where you can respond back easily and thoughtfully.

Start with a simple holiday greeting! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy holidays, and Feliz Navidad are just a couple. Next, really keep in mind your customers and community. You know their needs and challenges, so write something heartfelt that recognizes them. Lastly, even though they may get messages from you constantly, take a moment to sign your name.

Connect emotionally and skip the promo for this holiday message.

Leave the sales out on this one. Your customers and community members will most likely remember this message more so than a sales message this time of year.

Check out these example templates in our Holiday Message Bundle Code: K7BnMMJWWw7

Need help downloading a bundle code? Check out our cheat sheet.

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