Connect TikTok Lead Generation + Project Broadcast

Did you know you can integrate TikTok lead generation with Project Broadcast!? Why is this so important? When someone is scrolling through Tik Tok (which we all know we do) and fill out your lead form you want to act as quickly as possible in your follow up.

Fortune is in the follow up

We all know fortune is in the follow up and being able to do it quickly and without missing people is what equals success. Enter in Zapier’s integration! You can respond to any of these leads and get them added to your follow up campaign immediately when you add in this integration. Being able to capture that data and create a transformational relationship (Thanks Bob Heilig!) is what will lead to a better conversion of prospects to customers.

Respond quickly and thoughtfully to create that transformation relationship!

Check it out here:

Looking for ideas on automating your follow ups? Check out our mini series here:

Want to work on lead generation? I have the perfect mini series:

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