3 Reasons you need to attend The Impact Summit

Project Broadcast is hosting its very first Impact Summit. Remote Conferences and Events are a game changer for Project Broadcast users that are full time employees, part of a busy family, or even just in a season of life where they can’t pick up and leave the comfort of their own home. These events help you make valuable connections, find business solutions, and become inspired in business. So, why should you take time out of your busy day to attend Project Broadcast’s Impact Summit, other than the cool name?

Ask questions and find solutions

Project Broadcast wants to give you a chance to learn a new skill or strategy from the professionals. Each presenter (and they are awesome by the way) will have a specific topic based on a strategy they have used successfully. You will even get a chance to ask questions.  This is your opportunity to hit the beginning of the year with some new skills you can implement.

Be Inspired to try something new

Invite your team and other leaders to attend. The Impact Summit is a perfect opportunity to foster a bond with members of your team and inspire the group to take action. You can also ask the Success team to provide training for your team on any strategies you see during the Impact Summit. Networking opportunities are hard to duplicate outside of network or organization yearly conventions, so having this opportunity to focus on you and your team is incredibly beneficial. Especially the first month of the year.

Make a valuable connection outside your network

Take this opportunity to hear from multiple networks. You can make valuable connections with people outside your network. You will get a chance to see how they run their business and ask yourself if that would benefit you. I challenge you to pick one person from the Impact Summit to follow up with outside of your organization or network.

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