New Year’s Resolution with Project Broadcast

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which we promise ourselves we are going to continue good practices, change a behavior, or accomplish a goal. Let’s knock out each of those in one swoop with a quick 5 day challenge on cleaning up your Project Broadcast. I ran this challenge in the spring and it’s just as important now!

Why do we need this challenge? Here are my top 7…yup…you heard right SEVEN reasons why:

Increase Productivity: Nothing screams “stress overload!” more than an unorganized work space. If you’re feeling burnt out and overwhelmed at just looking at your PB. Then you need to organize it. A simple organization system and routine can combat that feeling with Project Broadcast and allow you to increase your level of productivity.

Reduce Stress: It’s hard to realize what clutter is when you’re stressed just looking at work. You shouldn’t feel negatively stressed, you should feel empowered and engaged. Organizing your Project Broadcast will reduce that stress.

You should feel empowered and engaged

Boosts Self Confidence: When you get organized, you can easily find the things you’re looking for. You’re better able to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks on your PB To-Do list. You become more effective and you accomplish more.

Allows more creativityBeing organized creates the conditions for your creativity to flourish. You have less stress and more clarity to free up that creative side of your brain.

Increase Focus: An organized work area will enable you to concentrate on what needs to get done that day instead of being distracted by other smaller tasks.

Helps you Adapt: Project Broadcast already allows you to send quick messages from the pool or family vacation, making sure its organized means you’re much better equipped to adapt to unforeseen circumstances when your day-to-day life is not completely chaotic.

Organized means better equipped to adapt

Help Others:  Unexpected right?  Having your customer care and team care updated so you can bundle them easily for that new business builder that finally jumps all in.  You want to duplicate you success at their level.

Want to participate in the challenge?
Text SPRING to (254) 545-9626 to start your 5 day clean up!

Check out my original Spring Cleaning Challenge walk through.

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