3 Tips to better serve your customers

How can we better serve our customers in Project Broadcast? Possessing these character qualities can go a long way in paving the way. Whether its creating a promo message in Project Broadcast or a system to follow up with new and current customers, being personable, relatable, honest, genuine, and last but not least, real.

I find that most people really do not care what you know or how much you know, until they know how much you are going to care about them and for them.

I believe the following tips can help develop those business transactions with your customers to a level never imagined, by developing personal relationships that are not easily broken when properly tended to.

Listen first!

Tip #1 – Listen first! Don’t respond other than to greet them cordially, encourage them to share, while you listen. Ask a few questions, if necessary to get the ball rolling, to form a clearer picture, and to give you a better understanding of what their request, need or want is, so you can meet or exceed their expectation. It is a euphoric experience to far exceed a customer’s expectation. Develop the skill of active listening. Be fully present while they talk. Don’t be thinking about your next statement. Be fully present with your own mouth shut, your ears open, your heart open, your mind open and don’t judge what’s being said, just listen. It will endear your customers to you, knowing that they are being heard and listened to. It can also help to resolve their issues or needs more effectively and efficiently.

Know your stuff. Know your product

Tip #2 – Know your stuff. Know your product. Know your service inside and out, so you can readily think outside the box to see how your product or service can meet their needs. I am a firm believer that if you truly meet the needs of enough other people, yours will be met as well. Focus on the customer. Try to collaborate with them if and when the opportunity presents itself. The more you listen and understand, along with the knowledge of your own offerings, the better you will be able to exact a solution for them. This can lead to a relationship that is trusted and valued, making it worth its weight in gold for some future business.

Value yourself and your customers

Tip #3 – Value yourself and your customers. Get to know who they are and what makes them tick, in turn, clearly communicate what you are bringing to the table. Show customers their value in your attentiveness, encouragement, engagement and ultimately your fulfillment of what they need from you. If you commit, follow through on that commitment.

Good mottos to live by, “Mean what you say, say what you mean” and “Honor your word”. Both will show value to both you and your customers.

Have high expectations of and for your customers and yourself, then rise to the occasion when it presents itself to better serve your customers.

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