QR Code + Project Broadcast = Vendor Event Success

Did you know you can use a QR Code that links with your Project Broadcast to capture leads and automate follow up to reduce losing them? Here are a couple examples of the types of customers at a Vendor event who can cause friction in your lead process and our solutions.

Don’t miss out on the 100 scribbled leads

The Scribbler! Whether in a hurry or just terrible at writing, this is frustrating. Especially when you have 100 scribblers. Those are 100 leads you could have converted. When you use the QR code, that contact’s phone number goes straight to your Project Broadcast. You can even create a keyword auto response to have them update your phone with their first and last name, using our contact link feature.

Use a survey to follow up with someone who only stopped by for a moment

The Impatient Shopper! Your booth is popular and you have a line of customers who want a sample or to purchase. You are always going to have people who don’t have time to wait in line for that sample or to ask you their question.  Having a QR code with a  survey  (oh, PB has that feature too!) to help identify the question or get that sample into their hand via mail will keep you from losing that lead.

Move cold leads to warm leads

The Kind of Interested Shopper! This is usually the friend or spouse that got dragged along or is just being super supportive. Having that QR code for them to scan because they are slightly curious takes your customer from cold lead to warm lead! Especially if it allows you to offer your branded weekly tip (did I mention PB has that too, it’s called a calendar campaign) to build a relationship with them through education and value.

Non Confrontational Shoppers want info too!

The Non Confrontational Shopper! I am super non confrontational at Vendor events. I will quickly scribble my name down and run away instead of talking to you about how much I really want your product. But now in my state of anxiety, I scribbled too much and you couldn’t read it. Just give me a quick moment to scan the QR code and then I will blow up your sample or prospect campaign (and yes, you can make that in PB as well wink face) with all my questions!

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