Level up your customer follow up with these 2 tips

Following up with your customer after a product purchase is HUGE. It leads to a better relationship with your new customer as well as retainment for the future. You shouldn’t stop there, though. You need to continue the relationship and here is how!

Provide expectation management,not just thank you for your purchase.

Number 1: Customer Onboarding! Why not welcome your new customer and educate them on the value you will be providing them with? Continuing to communicate with your customer reassures them that they made the right decision choosing you and gives them expectation management on what they will see from you in the future. These automated messages can include facebook group resources, birthday messages, product cheat sheets, etc. Don’t just end your relationship with your customer with a quick thanks and start it again when the next sale starts. You should be talking to them the entire time.

The best marketing strategy ever: care.

— Gary Vaynerchuk

Number 2: Weekly Tip! Show your customers and prospects you care. Sending out sales and promos without education or value shows your customer one thing: they are just a transaction. Provide a tip on how to use the product differently or in a way that provides more value, you are showing them you care and that you want to build that relationship with them.

Want to learn more about creating an automated follow up that looks more like an onboarding? Check out our training here: Automating your Follow Up

Want to check out a calendar campaign, so you can create a weekly tip?

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