Avoid Message Filtering

“Are you seeing that evil little orange triangle that says your messages are being filtered?” Are your contacts not receiving your messages? Let’s jump in and figure this out with a couple of quick tips.

First tip: Let’s talk about Commercial Messaging. When sending messages via a platform like Project Broadcast, your messaging must adhere to a higher standard than messages sent via your personal phone. If your message is related to your business (promo, sales, order follow up, etc) then it is considered commercial. Make sure you include your brand name and opt-out language in all Broadcast Messages and Campaign Commercial Messages. Not only does it keep your contacts informed with who is sending them texts, but it gives them the option to opt out of your messages if they truly aren’t interested in receiving them and saves you the credits it would have used to keep messaging them. No worries though, conversational messaging does not need branding or opt-out language. Carrier spam filtering measures each message on its individual merit, but each commercial message needs branding and opt-out language because the spam filters would not know that a previous message contained these items.

Second tip: Keep spammy language to a minimum. Not sure what spammy language might be? Well, we’ve got you covered. Use our Message Insights feature to scan your message for possible issues and it will detect spammy language for you. Super easy, right?

Now, sometimes you may not want to follow these practices, but let me tell you, it will provide better deliverability for your messages and get your information out there to more contacts instead of being filtered by the carriers.

If your messages are filtered and you see that orange triangle when you send a message, you can email our amazing support team at support@projectbroadcast.com and we can look into it for you.

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