3 Reasons to Grow Your Text List with a Birthday Club

Birthdays are super fun to celebrate, but there’s also quite a bit of solid strategy behind starting a birthday club to grow your text list. Keep reading for the top three reasons to get your followers off social media and onto your text list with a birthday club.

Reason 1: Shadow Banning

We hope it never happens to you, but getting shadow banned, temporarily blocked, or (gasp!) permanently blocked from your social media accounts is no joke. Let’s make sure you have access to your contacts even if you don’t have access to social media!

Reason 2: The Algorithm

Tired of your posts not being seen on social media? Yeah, us too. Imagine a beautiful world in which your people actually see what you’re putting out there.

Reason 3: Relationships

Do you believe that building relationships is a key component to scaling your business success? If so, text is your new best friend! The data shows that texts are read and have a greater response rate than other forms of communication.

So, how do you grow your text list?

We love a birthday club for this! It’s a simple, low friction way to grow your list.

Let folks know you’d like to celebrate them on their birthday each year. They send their birthday to you. You send them a message on their birthday. Easy peasy!

What does it take to get a birthday club started?

Ready to see the setup steps in action?

Text CLUB to 254-545-9626 to get access to our on-demand birthday club automation training resource.

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