Start designing web pages with Project Broadcast

Did you know you can design interactive and personalized micro web pages in Project Broadcast? Whether you’re trying to create newsletters to replace your Mailchimp subscription or a place to house all your important links, landing pages are for you!

If you’re on our weekly list, you are already familiar with this landing page. (Not on the list yet and want to receive this updated page each week? Text TEACH to 254-545-9626.)

Check out a sample landing page. Take a moment to browse the page and click on a few different elements to explore the page. That sample landing page was built entirely in Project Broadcast.  No coding or fancy tech skills are necessary to design a landing page! They’re simple to create by dragging and dropping elements to the page!

Think about what information you’d like to share on a landing page. What makes sense for your business? A monthly newsletter? A weekly recap? A collection or a product spotlight? An event page with registration options? The only limits are your imagination.

Haven’t explored landing pages yet? Check out Landing Pages (and earn 50 credits!!).

Want to get started with Project Broadcast? Jump In!

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