Cindy Jordan

I often call myself a rockstar, life changer, and dog lover. I reside in a quaint shoreline town in New England with my husband. Some of my favorite things in life besides my amazing family are animals, the beach, and boating. I love my job with Project Broadcast because it helped me build a successful side gig without the effort and now I share my knowledge with all of you.

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Avoid Message Filtering

“Are you seeing that evil little orange triangle that says your messages are being filtered?” Are your contacts not receiving your messages? Let’s jump in and figure this out with a couple of quick tips. First tip: Let’s talk about Commercial Messaging. When sending messages via a platform like Project Broadcast, your messaging must adhere […]

Top Three Most Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

I was asked as one of Project Broadcast’s Customer Support Specialists, what are the top three questions we see from our users. I see hundreds of emails and PB messages come through our customer support channels each week that need assistance, so I have some knowledge about this area. There are a few that are […]

Avoid Appointment No Shows Using Reminders

Have you ever wondered how you can avoid appointment cancellations? Well, we have some great information to help avoid cancellations. You can’t set an appointment with a customer or client and expect them to just show up. It just doesn’t work that way. Have you ever missed an appointment because you forgot or put it […]

Text Messaging Helps Business Pivot During Pandemic

The recent pandemic took a toll on many businesses and most small business owners had to reevaluate how they would move forward. Brick and Mortar Business Owners were affected in a way like no other because they usually relied on foot traffic to stay in business and they didn’t have that option. Many businesses closed […]

Texting vs. Email, Which is Better?

That is the question that so many of you may already know the answer to. While there are benefits to both methods of communication, we will show you how texting is a clear winner in our opinion. A text message is opened in an average of 3 minutes whereas an email usually is not read […]

Our Very Own Johanna Attends the Arbonne Conference

“Over the last couple months, I had the chance to PB chat, zoom, voxer, and facebook so many leaders and members of Arbonne PB users.  When everyone kept talking about Las Vegas, I knew I needed to take the opportunity to crash the party.” Johanna Bates Johanna Bates is a Customer Success Specialist with us […]

Top 5 Dos and Don’ts with Project Broadcast

So many people ask if you could give one suggestion to successfully use Project Broadcast, what would it be. Well, there are so many I can’t just pick one, so I narrowed it down to the top 5 Do’s and Don’ts. Do’s Don’ts