Dawn Marie Barr

With a background in curriculum development and education, I’m here to help make sure you’re comfortable exploring and using your Project Broadcast account as well as always encouraging you to brainstorm and implement fresh ideas in your business communication. I’m all about empowering you to use Project Broadcast as a tool to increase your impact and consistency.

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The Top Three Reasons People Unsubscribe from Your Messages (and What You Can Do About It!)

You’ve spent a lot of energy building your text list. Once you get people interested in joining your list, you’ll want to make sure they stay subscribed, right? Keep reading for the top three reasons people unsubscribe plus the super simple solutions for each problem. Number One Your timing is all wrong No one wants […]

5 Tips to Make Your Next Vendor Event a Breeze

Are vendor events a big part of meeting new people in your business? We’re talking anything from a local farmer’s market to a gigantic bridal show! Anywhere you set up a table and hope to collect names and numbers applies here. If you’re pretty familiar with the concept, you know that collecting information can be clunky, overwhelming, and exhausting. Not anymore! Project Broadcast is about to automate vendor events for you! Keep reading for my 5 tips to make your next vendor event a breeze.

The Anatomy of Your First Broadcast

How exciting! You’re ready to start sharing all kinds of goodies in your business communication, but there’s a very important first step before you start rolling all your ideas out! Before you do anything else, send out an introduction message as your first broadcast to contacts. The first broadcast lets people know who you are, why you’re contacting them, and what they can expect from you. Keep reading to discover all the parts of an effective introduction message!