Johanna Bates

Johanna Bates, a Project Broadcast (PB) Customer Success Specialist, helps people engage and build relationships with their customers and team members. Prior to working at Project Broadcast, Johanna was a Virtual Assistant for four years, bringing strategy and feature training to all her clients. Her hobbies include spending time with her husband, Kris, their two little girls, and their super fluffy Saint Bernard, Magnus. You can reach her by text at (254) 545-9626.

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Grow Your Text List with An SMS Link Generator

Are you trying to funnel leads from social media to Project Broadcast? If you’re frustrated by social media’s hard to understand algorithms or rules around shadow banning and losing access to your account, this tip is for you! Let’s help you get those leads off social media and onto your text list! Here is a […]

Dani Vodak’s Guide to Automating Communication

Dani Vodak helps busy people clean in half the time, with half the products. She started making cleaning videos during the pandemic. She was out of work, stuck at home; and spending a lot of time cleaning, organizing, and on social media where she kept seeing video after video of people intentionally mixing toxic cleaning […]

Shortcuts to Success with Alison Porter

Alison Porter, a speaker at our May Impact Summit is a self proclaimed Veggie Dealer, but her official title is NMD with the Juice Plus company. In June she will have been with JP for 17 years. Want to check out Alison first hand at our Impact Summit? Catch the replay. Walk me through the […]

How Billie Heggie hit her biggest month of the year in her business

Tell me about yourself and your business…. My name is Billie Heggie and I’m a mom and wife. I’ve been married to my husband Jessie for 10 years and our kids are 9 and 6 years old. When I’m not geeking out on PB stuff these days, I love being out with my family riding […]

How Lucy Heinen made over 110K in sales this year with Project Broadcast

When I reached out to Lucy Heinen the first time, I didn’t fully understand how far she had come in her business. She built her Pure Romance business from the ground up. Quite literally. When she first started, her home she shared with her husband was a garden shed with a dirt floor. She says […]

How a simple birthday wish can build relationships and convert customers

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Jami Strickland, a Director with Thirty-One Gifts. Jami uses Project Broadcast (PB) to connect with her customers on a more consistent basis and personal level. Jami was able to use the Birthday Campaign feature and not only build a relationship with her customers, but earn the added […]

7 Reasons why you need to spring clean your Project Broadcast!

It’s April! Spring is here! Anyone remember Marie Kondo? Let’s Spark Some Joy!  Want to get started on your 5 day challenge? Each day, you’ll receive a quick video demo and an action step for that day. By the end of the week, your Project Broadcast will be clean and spruced up for the rest […]

How Sarah Vander Pol grew her text list from 300 to 2,400!

Meet Sarah Vander Pol! A busy mom to four amazing kids, a soon-to-be-former farmer, clean beauty advocate, and champion of all things toxic-free. Sarah is an entrepreneur and founder of the Small Town Soul blog. I reached out to her recently after seeing her success in her business and using Project Broadcast to build her […]

One Simple Tip to Gain Repeat Customers

Consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand immediately after they consume early-stage, educational content. (Conductor) (Forbes) Read that again. Project Broadcast has a super simple way you can educate your current customers and bring brand awareness to prospects: A calendar campaign that sends out a weekly tip! Don’t get me wrong, I […]

Project Broadcast is Building My Team Behind My Back!

Meet Kimberly Pulito!! She is a speaker, spreadsheet lover, social media user, video shooter, content creator, direct sales leader, personal development junkie, High Performance Coach, & mama to two girls. She earned a Bachelor’s in Communication & worked hard for 11 years as a multi-unit leader for Target before retiring to run her Scentsy business […]