Personalizing Communication

Your customers communicate via text. You should too!

Project Broadcast allows you to reach more people in your network using SMS, MMS, and Voicemail Drops while maintaining that personal connection you know is important.

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Keeping it personal

Don’t just sell to your customers, connect with them.

Dynamic & Custom Fields

Project Broadcast gives you the tools to make your messages more personal. Use our dynamic & custom fields to include something personalized.

Voicemail Drops

Craft voice messages that are sent directly to your customers’ voicemail. This is a great way to increase engagement and connect further with your contacts.

Configurable Forms

With Configurable Forms, you can create your own collection forms or surveys to learn more about your customers and what they like.
Customer Reviews
I love that I can include a picture with my texts, a LOT of people reply as if they are getting a personal message from me – which is important and then I can build on the relationship from there.
— Rebekah
A problem it solved for me is that my clients are easily distracted, so sending them reminders on social media can send them down the rabbit hole of just that…more distraction. I love the automation feature because it takes very little time for me to manage. And that’s a productivity win for a productivity coach!
— Keosha Jones
I use Project Broadcast to onboard new people with a drip campaign. It is such a huge help to me….also to communicate with team members and customers. Like today for launch…I can’t imagine having to send out over 1,000 messages individually
— Terina Matthews
I run text parties exclusively for my DS business and I teach others how to do so also. Aside from text parties it’s so important to have another channel to be able to connect with your customers beyond Facebook and when used correctly Project Broadcast can make your customers excited to receive your messages.
— Lindsay Heidelberger
Customers prefer to text a business vs calling or emailing. See the power for yourself