Say goodbye to voicemail and hello to messaging

Our platform saves you time, money and the guesswork so you can build your business

Your Own Messenger

We’ll help you automate your messages and make it easy to chat with prospective customers.

  • Automated Messages

    Set up automated messages that trigger based on specific keywords or automatically place those customers into existing campaigns based on the replies.

  • Personalized Messaging

    Send personalized greetings to new prospects, thank customers who’ve purchased from you before, send offers to encourage repeat purchases, and more!

  • Team Collaboration Spaces

    Keep all your communications in one place and rest assured that your messages will be received.

We’ll text them. You go on with your life.
Say goodbye to manual, tedious follow-up tasks. The Messaging platform allows you to automatically schedule and send messages in batches at pre-scheduled intervals or after a trigger event has occurred.
We’ll text them. You go on with your life.
Chat like a pro
The days of leaving voicemails, door hangers and snail mail are long gone. With Messaging, you can send an automated text message that starts or continues the conversation with prospects and customers.
Chat like a pro

Messaging Features

  • Spaces

    Collaborate with your family, friends or team members all in the same place.

  • Unlimited Chat

    Chat back and forth one on one via your Project Broadcast chat tab with your contacts without the worry of using credits.

  • Free Incoming Messages

    Rest assured when receiving messages because all incoming SMS and MMS messages are unlimited and free!

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Create unlimited contacts manually or by using our smart CSV importer. Five or five thousand. No Limits!

  • File Attachments

    Send an unlimited number of files to your contacts for download and see who downloaded them.

  • Archiving

    Lead gone cold? Archive them to remove them from your view and hide their chat.

  • Account Manager Support

    Need to manage multiple accounts? Use our account manager feature!

  • Assistant Access

    Setup an assistant password to allow access to your account to your assistant.

  • Smart Contact Importer

    Use your own CSV file to bulk import your contacts using our flexible smart contact importer.

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