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Personalize Communications

Now you can use the power of text messaging to maintain one-to-one connections with every customer!

Get organized
Increase your impact & consistency
Stop playing phone tag. Text marketing blows away traditional marketing every time. Recent statistics prove that text messaging isn’t just a viable communication channel for businesses to use, it’s the most effective means of communication.
Increase your impact & consistency
We’ve got the basics covered…

Providing all the basic tools you need to be successful in your business included in every plan we offer.

  • Free Incoming Messages

    Rest assured when receiving messages because all incoming SMS and MMS messages are unlimited and free!

  • Local Numbers Available

    Get an actual phone number that mirrors the phone numbers in your area in order to help keep your communications feeling personal.

  • Smart Contact Importer

    Use your own CSV file to bulk import your contacts using our flexible smart contact importer.

  • Unlimited Chat

    Chat back and forth one on one via your Project Broadcast chat tab with your contacts without the worry of using credits.

Full list of features
No more customers slipping through the cracks
Broadcast a message immediately or set it for a future time so you don’t forget later. Your messages, campaigns, replies on keywords can also leverage our cutting edge dynamic fields so your messages feel even more personal to the recipient.
No more customers slipping through the cracks
Onboard consultants without touching a sheet of paper
By using our drip campaign feature combined with our downloadable bundles you can create it once, and your whole team has access! Create your onboarding messaging and decide on frequency! Add that messaging to your drip campaign messages! Anytime you add a new team member, add them to the campaign! Create a bundle of everything you created and share!
Onboard consultants without touching a sheet of paper
Business texting statistics

Whether you’re using it for marketing, sales, internal operations, or customer service, text messaging is the best means of communication

  • 81%

    of Americans text regularly.

  • 78%

    of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.

  • 90%

    of leads prefer to be texted, compared to called.

  • 209%

    higher response rates from text than from phone calls.

Common Pricing Questions
  • Can I sign up for a subscription in the app?

    Unfortunately, the only way to sign up for Project Broadcast is through our website, but once you’ve done that you’ll be able to get full access to the application on both mobile & desktop devices.

  • What happens to my credits if I change plans?

    When you upgrade you will be charged for the prorated amount of the additional credits in order to get your credits immediately. Any downgrades in plan will be applied at the next renewal date (except for Pay-As-You-Go).

  • How does Project Broadcast help me?

    As you think about your business and how you want it to grow, you’re likely considering systems for tasks such as customer follow up, coaching, prospecting, messages of gratitude, alerting customers of sales and promos etc. With Project Broadcast, you can tackle all of these items with ease. Let Project Broadcast do the heavy lifting for your business so you can focus on what you do best: building relationships!

  • Do I really need Project Broadcast?

    This is the perfect time for you to join Project Broadcast. Instead of thinking about the number of customers you currently have, think about the number of customers Project Broadcast can help you attract. We can help you now start to create systems to scale your customer base now.

  • How are Credits used?

    Credits are used when you schedule or automate messaging. For example, if I schedule a broadcast to 300 contacts, 300 credits are used. If I have a 3 message campaign going out to 4 people, 12 credits are used. If I set up a keyword to reply to people and 20 people send the keyword in, 20 credits are used. No credits are used in 1:1 conversation in chat.

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