Send a Reminder to Double Opt In

Dawn Marie Barr

Hey there! If you have double opt-in enabled in your account, you can require explicit consent from your contacts to join your list. In this video, I'll show you how to send a message to just those people who have not yet given explicit consent. It's super easy to do! First, come over to your schedule tab and tap the plus to type up your message. Make sure to hype it up and let them know that they will have to click a dynamic field link to give explicit consent. Then, when you get to add contacts, tap the magnifying glass and select "double opt-in status is equal to not double opted in." This will ensure that your message only goes to those who haven't opted in yet. Finally, get your message scheduled and saved! Don't forget to offer a freebie to those who click the link and give explicit consent. 😍

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