Top 5 Dos & Don'ts

Dawn Marie Barr

If you could give one suggestion to successfully use Project Broadcast, what would it be while there are so many, I can't pick just one. I narrowed it down to the top five DUIs and don't number one explore web school. Sign up for the project Broadcast web school training. Even if you're a seasoned user, we're always adding new content and you never know what you will learn. Number two. If you use a back office, import all of your team members and customers and use a tag to separate them into groups. If you don't know what a tag is, check out you guessed it. Project Broadcast web school. You'll thank me later. Three. If you're a new user, send out a message to your entire contact list and let them know that your project Broadcast number is your new business line and that's how you will communicate with them. From now on. I suggest they add your Project broadcast number to their contacts. It helps you keep your business and personal communication separate and it looks professional to have a business line. Any messages that come in on your personal number after this, make sure to remind them to use your business line, create a birthday message for your contacts. If you're able to offer a discount to them to celebrate their special day include that too. They love this. You may be the only person that wishes them a happy birthday on their birthday. Follow up with your customers after they make a purchase through you. The standard follow up is 2 to 2. But you can also do something really cool, like a 33358, which means that you would send a thank you message after three days a check in message after three weeks to make sure they're happy a check in after three months to see if they need anything. Then a five month message to see if they're running low on anything and an eight month voicemail drop to let them know you're there. If they need you, mixing it up with messages and voice mail drops, get great results. If you don't know what a voice mail drop, check out the web school, it'll blow your mind now our don't don't message your contacts with only sales or business messages. Mix it up with some check ins or how are you in the family doing customers and team members want to feel like you have a relationship that is not based only on sales. Don't forget to follow up follow up is key to a successful business, not just following up on a sale or an order, but following up with reminders for specials and events to how many times have you read a message from someone and forgot to act on. It doesn't cole's send you tons of emails and texts when you have kohl's cash to spend. Don't take any negative responses personally. People are not out to hurt you if they reply, stop or leave me alone. Maybe they were having a terrible day and took it out on you. It doesn't mean they hate you. Or that you should quit running your business. If they're extremely rude. Maybe it's a good thing that you can remove them from your contacts. Don't forget to introduce yourself to a new contact with your name and business. Also include an opt out in your message. For best results, include a picture of yourself too, then they know you're a real person. Don't create messages without using message insights. The message insights feature is responsible for checking message quality and if the message contains too many spam triggers, it will prevent it from leaving our system. This helps protect your number from being flagged as a spammer by a carrier, it also prevents you from using credits on messages, which we're pretty sure have a high risk of getting blocked. If you aren't familiar with message insights, you can check out our message insights. Training in project broadcast web school. If you are not already using project broadcast in your business communication to save time and energy and increase impact and consistency. Go ahead and give it a try to see how much of a game changer it'll be for your business. If you have a friend using project Broadcast, they have a referral code to share with you to get 50% off your first month. If you do not know anyone using project broadcast, you can go ahead and use our code. The link is in the description below or you can just pop in Web 50 at sign up mm.

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